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PIMP MY HOOKAH  (ONLINE) is an unusual experimental online tournament of hookah masters, in which participants need to pump their hookah and record a short video.

Participants compete within their own country, defining a creative hookah pumping master in their region.

* Recommended video length is 3 minutes.

You can find a complete list of countries that take part in the tournament, as well as the current schedule of competitions, in the standings, or by looking at the List of events section.

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Total prize fund – $ 10,000 (1st place – $ 500, 2nd place – $ 300 and 3rd place – $ 200 in each country) + separate prize in the Grand Final

Who can participate:

As part of a series of competitions, 10 teams from each country that have passed the qualifying vote on the site of the battle of their region are allowed to participate. IMPORTANT: this time we are introducing location criteria. In each competition of a specific region, only teams permanently residing in this country can take part.



Competition rules:

1. Participation is free (no fees required) and you must be over 21 years of age.

2. You must reside in the country where the competition is taking place.

3. To take part, you need:

a) Go to the site of the battle in your country (Check the list of current battle bellow);

b) Add your team to the list of participants on the site.

4. The length of the video can be up to 3 minutes.

5. The music track for the video should not conflict with copyright on YouTube and other sites. (Make sure in advance)

6. The video should show the key steps: A story about yourself, where you are from and what you do Description of the idea of ​​pumping a hookah The process of working on a hookah Final result

7. Video can be filmed with different takes (it is not necessary to use one location)

8. When editing a video, the audio track can be overlaid separately. (look right # 5)

9. All participants use the same hookah model. Top 10 teams that have passed the qualifying stage will receive a kit with all the necessary materials, including a hookah.

If you don’t have a team (brand), register it on our website, it’s easy. If you have any questions – write to us or join our telegram chat:

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